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Adventure Activities


  1. DAY
Transfer from Airport
Sightseeing Area during transfer to our Hotel

2. DAY
We will start Hiking the MASSIF of KOMOVI
As a whole this range is a considerable challenge for mountaineers. That's because, besides climbs to its peaks, there is a circular detour the entire Komovi range. And interestingly also, following the contour to the altitude of approximately 1700 m the circulating distance is approximately 18 km...
Kom Vasojevićki (2460m)
Lenght: 13km
Portal: Štavna (1810m)
Target: The peak of Kom Vasojevićki (2460m)
Difficulty: Easy
Time: 4h. (Ascending 2 ½ h. - Descending 1 ½ h.)
Altitudinal difference: 650m

3. DAY Kom Kučki (2487m)
Lenght: 17km
Portal: Štavna (1810m)
Target: The peak of Kom Kučki (2487m)
Midpoint: Međukomlje (1860m), Međukomlje Pass (2171m)
Difficulty: Extreme
Time:6 ½ h. (Ascending 4h. - Descending 2 ½ h.)
Altitudinal difference: 677m

Description of KOMOVI MASSIF:
Together with Durmitor massif, Prokletije massif and Dinaric Alps, Komovi massif belong to the group of most impressive and most magnificent mountain massifs of Montenegro. Komovi massif is situated in the eastern part of Montenegro, and it stretches between the farthest upstream parts of River LIM to the east, and River Tara on the west, to Drcka river to the north and Prokletije massif with Planica mont. to the south.
From the S' and E' it is encircled with a complex of Montenegrin - Albanian mountain massif known as Prokletije with its highest peaks at altitude of 2534m Kolac and Jezerski Vrh 2694m, on the north by Bjelasica mountain with its highest peak at altitude of 2139m - Crna Glava / Black Head.
This mountain massif Komovi, 40 km long and 30 km wide, is encrusted from all sides by spatial plateaus at average altitude of 1900 m
(Stavna and Ljuban to the north, Rogam to the west, Crne to the south and Varda to the east).

Than we will move more N'W' to BJELASICA MONT.

4. DAY Crna Glava Peak (2139m)
Lenght: 30km
Portal: Jezerine (1444m)
Target: Crna Glava peak (2139m)
Midpoints: Katun Vranjak, Zekova Glava peak (2117m), Pešića Lake (1838m)
Difficulty: Difficult
Time: 8h. (Ascending 5h. - Descending 3h.)
Altitudinal difference: 974m

5. DAY Kjuč peak (1973m)
Lenght: 16km
Portal: Paljevine (1360m)
Target: Ključ peak (1973m)
Midpoints: Katun Rupe (1650m), Krivi Do (1685m), Raskrsnica (1725m), Katun Vranjak (1671m)
Difficulty: Easy
Time: 5h
Altitudinal difference: 613m

Description of MONT. BJELASICA:
Geological features of Bjelasica are of volcanic origins, with smooth round shapes, differing from most of Montenegro's other mountains of calcareous composition abounding in karst forms, with numerous crevasses and crevices.
Bjelasica lacks alpine climbing rocks but the vast spaciousness of it's mildly rolling landscapes is amazing...

The Mt. Bjelasica range stretches over and area of 630 square km, with a equal width & length - 30 km.
The entire range divides into four different expanses from the NW to the SE.
The Bjelasica range is bordered by Rivers Lim and Tara, as well as by the Ljuboviđa and Lepenica Rivers to the north.
The Mt. Bjelasica has 10 peaks above 2000m

The three peaks which belong to group of highest peaks are:
Crna Glava 2139m
Zekova Glava 2117m
Troglava 2072m
all three placed above the beautiful Pešića Jezero 1820m

Mt. Bjelasica is the home of 6 glacial lakes:
Biogradsko Jezero 1094m
Pešića Jezero 1820m
Ursulovačko Jezero 1895m
Malo Ursulovačko Jezero - Blatina 1760m
Šiško Jezero 1660m
Malo Šiško Jezero 1780m

Than we will move even more to W' to reach the MASSIF OF SINJAJEVINA

6. DAY Jablanov vrh (2203m)
Portal: The village of Gornje Lipovo (1208m)
Target: Jablanov Peak (2203m)
Midpoints: Vratlo pass (1730m), Katun Pilać (1872m)
Difficulty: Easy
Time: 5h 30min. (Ascending 3h 30 min. - Descending 2h)
Altitudinal difference: 995 m

7. DAY Bablji zub (2277m)
Lenght: 19km
Portal: The village Gornje Lipovo (Klisura 1189m)
Target: Bablji Zub peak (2277m)
Midpoints: Katunina (1418m), Đedov Do pass (1.943 m)
Difficulty: Extreme
Time: 7h. (Ascending 4h. - Descending 3h.)
Altitudinal difference: 1088m

Geographically, this mountain belongs to the High Mountins & Plateaus Region of Montenegro.
Mt Sinjajevina's relief is rolling due to glacial activity.
The complexity of this mountain is due to it's bordering rivers:
Tara, Morača, Tusinja & Bukovica.
It stretches from SE to NW, from the towns of Kolašin to Njegovuđa (near the Durmitor National Park).

The Sinjajevina massif is 40 km long & 15 km wide, and is specific about it's carstic fields and beautiful grassy slopes.
The soil composition is arid terrain due to the lack of forest covering and exposure, which has caused it's rather unique foliage.
Mt. Sinjajevina has also numerous ponds nourishing it's existing livestock and wildlife

8. DAY
Transfer to Airport
Sightseeing during the transfer to Airport


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