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Adriatic coast

Hotel Šajo (BUDVA)

  Hotel "Šajo" is situated in Budva, the best-known and most popular resort on the beautiful Adriatic Coast, as well as the heart of the Mediteranean Sea and the Montenegro tourism...

Hotel Tara (BEČIĆE)

  In the most beautiful part of Montenegro, where waves of Adriatic sea pound the shore, at the famous beach in Montenegro - Bečiće, the TARA hotel is situated.
It is locatet 2km away from Budva, and 20km from international airport Tivat. We recomend you Bečiće beacause of the clean sea, long sandy beach, which is the pefect place for a family vacation...

Hotel Mediteran (BEČIĆE)

  BEČIĆE is a atractive little tourist place, that between the real mediteranian oases hides a tourist kompleks of a highere category - Hotel MEDITERAN
In semicircle 2km long a beautiful sandy beach is spreading, which in 1936 and 1971 got Grand Prix in Paris for the most beautiful natural beach on Mediterranean. That's how it is today.

Hotel WGrand (PETROVAC)

  WGrand Hotel is located in Petrovac.
The city Petrovac is a mystery, that You can discover with us "MONTENEGRO VOYAGE"

Beside a great number of sunny days, from early spring to late fall, thick pineforrests, warm and clean ocean, lovely sandy beaches and friendly habitants in this poetic, small and original city PETROVAC, the staff from the hotel WGrand will free your mind, and surrender You to the present - with all of the material luxury...



Hotel Marija - KOTOR


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Talogmagi Huset/
House of numbers and magic


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