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Fact of Montenegro
National park "Durmitor"

the black lake
Durmitor is National park since 1952, with total surface of 39000 hectare
Characteristics of National park are: a variety of ecosystems, some of the highest peaks of the Dinaric Alps, glacial lakes and the Tara river canyon.
National park include the mountain massif of Durmitor, the canyons of rivers Tara, Draga, Sušica and the highest part of the canyon valley Komarnica, from which rise numerous mountain peaks, of whom 48 are over 2000 m of altitude.
Altitude differences in the area of park are from 500 m Tara river - vrelo Nazdruć, to 2523 m - The peak of Bobotov kuk. The lowest point of Durmitor is where the river Piva and Tara meet, about an altitude of 433m.
The municipalities around are Žabljak, Šavnik, Plužine, Pljevlja & Mojkovac.
ice cave in mount. Durmitor
Durmitor adorn the 18 glacier lakes called "mountain eyes". The Tara river canyon with its depth of 1600m is the deepest river canyon in Europe.
The canyon is declared as the World ecological preserve. Since 1980 Durmitor with a part of river canyon Tara, is kept as a UNESCO world natural and cultural heritage.
Durmitor is representing the diversity of flora and fauna, with numerous endemic species. Animal life is mostly mountainous and high-mountainous. The area of park is rich with 130 species of birds, 1325 species of plants, 122 are endemic and 150 are healing, while the 40 species of mushrooms are edible.
Here are numerous sites of cultural heritage: the necropolis, the Greek and Roman cemeteries, churches and monasteries, tombstones, and traditional architecture KATUN, SAVARDAK & WATER MILLS.

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