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Fact of Montenegro
The high mountains

Podgorica (capital)
Central Montenegro - the area of capital town Podgorica and National park Skadar lake, is under Mediterranean climate, by driving direction north, after only 20 km of drive, the road that is builded decades ago, leads You through Platije, in the 1000m depth of the enormous canyon of river Morača, where the climate is changing to continental, and every 10 km driving more to the north the temperature is falling 1 degree C, which is promising good sleep with no need for A/C :)
The northern part of Montenegro is surrounded by high mountains. There is Durmitor, Vojnik, Moračka kapa, Maganik, with the tops over 2000 m.
The river Piva, Tara, Moraca, Cehotina and the bi rivers that curls by the narrow clifts.

Canyon Morača & Canyon Mrtvica

The southerneastern part we have the high mountains Bjelasica, Komovi, Visitor. These Mountain wreath are richful of forrests, and mountain rivers, which there is 29 of in Montenegro - Crna Gora

Kolašin & The Đurđevića Tara bridge

The Tara river flow it's 150 km long, which is the longest mountain river in Montenegro.
Her canyon is about 80 km long, between mountains Sinjajevina and Durmitor on one side, Ljubišna and Zlatni Bor on the other side.
App. the depht of the canyon is 1000 m, but at the place Obzira the canyon is reaching 1300 m of depht, this makes it the second deepest in the world, after the Colorado canyon in USA.
The canyon Tara is the perfect example of untouched wild nature, not to mention the adrenalin under the Rafting down the wild beauty of river Tara.
This river has for years been the place for wild water Rafting adventures and enthusiastic people.
The bi rivers of Tara are also very interesting.
The river canyon Sušica is about 15 km long and 600-800 m deep,
The river canyon Vaskovsa river is about 2 km long and about 700 m deep,
River canyon Drage, is 7 km long and 700 m deep.

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