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Fact of Montenegro
Sun and Beach

If the creation began from south, than the Montenegro coast is witnessing the most magnificent uvertures.
The Adriatic Sea is one of the warm sea.
By the Strait of Otranto it is connected with the middle part of Mediterranean Sea.
The coast is 293 km long, of which 73 km are 117 sandy beaches.
The Montenegro coastline consists of four sections, from the west the Bay of Herceg Novi, Kotor & Tivat, central is the riviera of Budva that extend all the way to the municipality of Bar, and the eastern part is riviera of Ulcinj with his beautiful long sandy beach.
Some beaches are long, others small, there are those that are sandy or rocky, wild and intimate, and all of them are sophisticated on its own, this is why Montenegro coastline is the most attractive of these days. Adriatic sea is the cleanest and clearest in Europe, and rich with sea-flora and fauna. Lemons and oranges are growing at the coast, and many others tropical Mediterranean plants. Some of our olive trees are over 2000 years old, I heard that some are planted by Jesus him self.


There is vast archaeological evidence that Budva among the oldest urban settlements of the Adriatic coast. Substantial documentary evidence provides historical references dating back to the 5th century. A legend recounts that Budva was founded by Cadmus the Phoenician, a hero exiled out of Thebes, Greece, finding a shelter in this place for him and his wife - Harmonia.

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