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Fact of Montenegro
National park " Skadar lake"

Crnojevića river
Skadar lake is National park since 1983, its surrounded by high mountains and lies 7 km from the Adriatic sea. The heights of Paštrovića gora with Crmnica the area of best domestic wine-yard in Montenegro, are separating the lake with the sea. The lake is over 40 km long, average width about 10 km.
The surface of the lake is about 370 km2 in average according to the seasons, after spring and fall rain it is about 530 km2.
It is the biggest lake on Balkan and geologically the youngest in Europe.
The lake is not very deep, but some basin places the depth can reach to 44m
Crnojevića river

The Capital of Zeta
Žabljak Crnojevića

The surface of the National park is 40.000 hectare. The area is dominated by aquatic and wetland ecosystem. Skadar lake is incredibly rich with flora of which more than 13 are endemic species. The lake is also rich with fauna, 270 different bird-species is leaving in the area, the most known are pelicans, they are the symbol of national park. In the lake lives about
40 different kinds of fish is living in the lake.
The plant-life is rich and different. Some of the most interesting plant-life is ”water lily” the lake is full of wide swamp areas covered of water lilies of white and yellow flowers.
The lake is rich with water springs.

The National park Skadar lake its a part of our tour Itineraries.

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