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Fact of Montenegro
National park "Biogradska Gora"

National park Biogradska gora has a surface of 5650 hectare, surrounded by high mountain massif Bjelasica, with the highest top of 2139m of altitude "The Black head", between the rivers Tara and Lim, and municipalities Berane, Mojkovac and Kolašin. The park is reach with glacial lakes: Ursulovačko, Pešića, Šiško and Ševarine which are high lakes, and The Biograd lake easy accessible at the altitude of 1094m, located at the entrance to the Biograd park.
Biograd lake is filled by permanent tributary river Biogradska, periodical streams and karst springs, and its outflow is Jezerštica.

This very favored natural reserve has been protected even from the old Montenegro rulers.
King Nikola declared it as a protected area in 1880, it was the second project of its kind in the world, after the declaration of first National park Yellowstone. This matter is argument of Montenegro as a pioneer of Ecology and the persistence behind the project of Montenegro as a ecological state.
The blessing of Biogradska gora by King Nikola happened only two years after the Berlin congress in 1878 where Montenegro was proclaimed as a sovereign state.
It is believed that humans never touched a branch in this forrest.
In the forrest grows over 80 different kinds of trees, where some have a height up to 50 meters.
The National-park is rich on fauna, different bird kinds and wild animals.

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