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Fact of Montenegro
Natinal park ”Lovćen”

Njegoš's museum
The National-park Lovćen is in the cliff area of Dinari alps. The surface of the park is 6220 hectare. Flora and fauna plays a big role in this park. There are ca. 1300 different-plants in the park, out of which many are relict, medicinal, aromatic and honey-bearing, and more than 15 are endemic. The reason of such a variation of life and reason for an unique form is because of the extreme heights articulation under the influence of two climate zones, the Mediterranean from the south and Continental from the north. The combination of this two climate in the area of Njeguši is perfect for smoked cheese and prosciutto. In our tour Itineraries the visit of local smoke house and the tasting of domestic products are included.

All regions of Lovćen mountain for Montenegrins is holy. A verse in a song goes ”Lovćen is our holy alter” Lovćen is the symbol of Montenegro and gives it national identity. This region is witness to history from Illyrians, The Roman & Byzantine Empire.
In National Park Lovćen is the mausoleum and the tomb of last Montenegro's ruler and great poet Petar II Petrović Njegoš.
The last commandment of Njegoš to the Montenegrins was fulfilled in 1885, his remains was buried on the top "Jezerski vrh" on the second highest top of Lovćen mont. at the altitude of 1657m, in the small church made by him self. The highest top Štirovnik at the altitude of 1749m he left as a free choice for cleverer Montenegrin than him self.
During the 1. WW the Austrian soldiers destroyed the church, so Montenegrins had to move his remains to Cetinje, after a new church was build on the fundament of the old one, Njegoš's bones were transferred and buried again according to all official honors, where they remained until today.
The construction of today's mausoleum started in 1951 and was open for public in 1974.
- the famous Grand building was a biggest project at that time, with 461 stairs that leads from the parking-lot to the grave and mausoleum, where from an magnificent panoramic view broadens over entire country.

Cetinje became the holding-place of Christianity and the royal capital of Montenegro, which was never conquer by the Ottoman empire.

The National park Lovćen with Cetinje is a part of our tour Itineraries.

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